Almost everyone of us is involved into some kind of relationship whether it’s between parents-children, husband-wife or friends. When we stay close, relationships are easy to handle but distance relationship demands extra attention, care and surprise.

Most of us are undergoing or might have undergone a long distance relationship in our life. There is no doubt in saying that miles can’t separate two hearts that really care.

So, to live happy life, relationship needs to be handled very carefully especially when it is about a family.

When we stay far, things start getting on to us. Moods and situations play crucial role. It’s very easy to fight on stupid things but making someone happy is equally difficult, nowadays.

But surprises may work just like bringing something icy for sore eyes. But a surprise should be properly planned in advance. Make it very unique and special for special person.

Sending a surprise 12 O’Cake or flowers on your special occasion is a normal activity and people love to welcome such surprise.


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